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Werther it’s a Hair Crown, Necklace, or Body Adornment, each creation has a sense of journey and unique vision.

It starts with exceptional pieces that contain history. Each vintage, retro, and modern component holds distinctive character so when artfully cut, shaped and joined together, the result is a rare symphony of design.


Ambur Rose is the sole artist of Ambur Rose Designs

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As Featured In...


"...Every aspect of this shoot, from the make-up, to the lighting, to the settings, is on point and utterly magical.."  - Amy Ratcliffe


Game of Thrones Styled Shoot-7.JPG

Paris Mountain  Photography

Wardrobe: Emily Kramer Designs

Store and Locations

Locations Near You


and /or

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Only a few designs are created per year due to the time and dedication needed for each unique piece. 


Check back often for location updates and new designs!

Desirant Boutique 

34 Broadway 
Asheville, NC 28801

Sanctuary Imports

822 Lamar Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

Because special occasions are just that, there are rental options for select designs.


Guidelines do apply, so send  an email to request more info for this service.

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Our Jewelry

As Featured In...


"...At first glance, Ambur’s work springs from the ethereal dreamstuff of fantasy stories. Her glamorous shoulder adornments and crowns could easily grace stately elves like Arwen and Galadriel, making her creations some of the ultimate power-glam pieces in magical wear."  - 

Davonna Juroe

Modern Romantic Magazine

The Enchanted Collection

andUnicorn Foal Horn Amulet


The Enchanted Collection

How it all began...


These staple necklaces are the very foundation of how Ambur Rose Designs began.


Beloved by many, these unique necklaces each come with an enchanting keepsake story and can be found at the following locations and/or through our gallery. 


Covet them for your very own:


Locations Near You


and /or

Browse our Gallery

(locations only at this time -- SOLD OUT from our Gallery)



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